Stupid Noisy Motorcycles

In a place as dense as this city, you cannot escape constantly being surrounded by people. As you are going through your daily life, you are therefore exposed to what everybody around you is doing: you know your neighbor’s sleep schedule as you hear their every step trough the thin ceiling. You know when somebody in your apartment block has sex, as the sounds reverberate through the courtyard. You see that one guy working in that one bakery, always having a cigarette break whenever you are walking past. You know when the market is held in your quartier, and you learn to avoid the area if you are in need to get somewhere quickly. In short, you are exposed to many of the facets of the life of everybody around you.

I try to keep as quiet as I can. I want to keep my inevitable intrusion into other people’s life to a minimum. Life here is busy enough as is. I don’t need to keep my neighbours from sleeping by starting the washing machine at night. I don’t walk in shoes on the apartment’s parquet. And, for the most part, others do the same.

But for the love of everything that is holy, why the loud motorcycles?

Everything on the streets makes noise, the cars, the scooters. But by far the loudest are the motorcycles. I don’t even think that it is a technical problem preventing them from being more quiet. It is entirely due to the people sitting on them, who for some reason thought it a good idea to pollute their surroundings with the rumblings of their engine. To the point where you have to stop the conversation you just had, to the point where I need to stop my podcast because I don’t understand a thing anymore.

Please. Just stop. You may feel like Easy Rider, but you are making this place just that much more unliveable with your stupid machine.